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“Keith is wonderful to work with. He is a great communicator and teacher and is always willing to listen and learn as well. He has pushed web form development farther than anyone else. Keith is truly an expert in web form development.”

Tina Thomas

"Keith was the springboard we needed to develop our CDD report writing skills. We've come leaps and bounds since beginning our online CDD work sessions with Keith over a year ago. He was able to understand our general ledger structure and report objectives, then articulate and demonstrate the steps needed to achieve our objectives, all the while pointing out varous CDD nuances. The end result is a series of functional reports that would have taken us much, much longer to create on our own. Thank you Keith!"

Dipen Patel
CIS Manager
Colorado State University Foundation

"I had the pleasure to work with Keith on a web form project together. He is very thorough and reliable in his work. He is a great teacher and does not mind spending time to explain how things work. The combination of his experience in finance and programming make him a very valuable resource for any IFAS user. I would gladly work with him again and highly recommend his services."

Ventzeslav Penev
Computer Information Specialist
Brunswick County Finance

"I attended one of Keith's Web Forms, Workflow and CDD classes. It was the best training experience as Keith has an unusual skill to simplify technical information to his students. I worked with Keith to assist in developing our Timecard Online workflow model and the experience was outstanding. I was able to write my own VB scripts after a couple of sessions with Keith."

Jim Tallerico
Information Services Manager
Information Services
East Bay Regional Park District

"I was originally impressed with Keith's ability as a teacher, during his Click, Drag & Drill class. He has an uncanny knack for relaying technical information in a very unintimidating and easy-to-understand way. Working with Keith the following year on his development of our Personnel Action Web Form, I was further impressed with his expertise and knowledge. Keith is GOOD at what he does - and he does it with an attitude and personality that is a pleasure to be around."

Michael Barker
System Administrator II
County of Sutter

"Keith was recently on-site training our team on Workflow and Webforms. All of our expectations were met. He has great interpersonal skills, truly understands the content, and trains in a very logical, easy to follow format. It was a pleasure working with him and we would not hesitate to have him back for additional training."

Jane Sweigart
Data & Info Systems Fiscal
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

"Keith's interpersonal skills are a tremendous asset. With his upbeat and positive attitude, users looked forward to working with him."

John Wheeler, PMP
IFAS Upgrade Project Manager

"I have worked with Keith for over 3 years, taken classes and had onsite training. He is a most personable, knowledgeable, patient and available trainer. I count on his help often."

Becky Zent
Budget Analyst
Billings Public Schools

"I felt like Keith McElroy exceeded expectations (with the CDD training) on every attribute you would want in a teacher. I would go so far as to say he's probably one of the best instructors I've ever had."

Adrienne Aldridge
Corporate Accountant
ElectriCities of NC, Inc.

"Keith's many technical contributions and professional positive attitude has made such a tremendous impact on our SunGard IFAS Project. It has been a pleasure and a joy to have worked with him during this time of transition."

Debra A. Petrowski
Deputy Director of Information Services
Government Finance and Administrative Solutions
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
A Xerox Company
Northampton County

"Keith I want to thank you for all your advice and development of our CDD reports over the past year, you have really made this part of the implementation very smooth for us and we do appreciate all the time, effort and experience you have provided in making this implementation possible..."

David F. Prenovost, CPA
Senior Managing Director
Chief Financial Officer
Cal Poly Pomona Foundation

"Keith excelled at working with our senior managers, branch managers and customer service personnel to deliver a truly user-friendly customer satisfaction tool. Keith is very good at developing and gaining support for technical and business concepts"

Richard P. Smith
President & CEO
Tri Counties Bank

"Keith was brought on to develop from the ground up a Microsoft access database system. The database allows for me to input sales data, organize sales and analyze sales information in a quick and organized fashion. This is the life blood of the business. His creation saves me on average from 2-5 business hours per report. This has translated into a saving of between five to ten thousand dollars a year in time and resources. Additionally, Keith has a positive can do attitude, listens well and is a delight to work with. I give him my highest recommendation".

Burley Phillips
Real Estate Appraiser

"Keith's tutoring is the only formal training for Microsoft Access and VBA programming that I have had and I am extremely pleased with the progress I have been able to achieve."

David Lewis
Technical Quality Assurance and Database Administrator
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

"On the (wireless and GIS) project, Keith exhibited very mature management and organizational skills and was able to move it forward at a rapid pace. I would recommend him for any position involving the management of a complex project, the assessment of a project's relevance to a business or the training of inividuals in the use of the results of a product development."

Paul M. Thompson
Managing Director
Paul Thompson Associates, LLC
Consultants to Earthlink Corporation

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